Nota: Cualquier analisis sentimental resulta estúpido contrastado con cualquier analisis de razón. La razón no son los sentimientos y los sentimientos nunca tienen razón.

19 enero 2011

Dear Diary:
Me. Me. Me. Finally I am writing down what I think may be wrong with me. My faults, my insecurities and my problems. Maybe if I make a list of my faults, I could use this as a reference to be aware of the things that afect me everyday. This is how I feel and if I read this stuff later I might understand why my feelings control my actions.
If I write about my everyday interactions with people whom I know, then I might figure out their faults too. Maybe if I dwell on these relationships with other people I might help myself and them as well.
Maybe if I worry abou
t my problems and my problems with others I might develop an even worse set of problems from my worrying so much.
Dominant paradigo.

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